Booking a flat in Kolkata, West Bengal is almost like dream comes true. Kolkata is one of the largest city in India & connected to North East through Siliguri (North Bengal). 

If any of the residential of Tripura is looking to book a flat in Kolkata as investment purpose or other purpose, they can get a non-residence discount up to 20% on (CASH) booking only.

For Buyers with Home Loan, the discount shall be 5%.

Pricing Slab (CASH PURCHASE) are as follow:

Advance (Booking) : Rs.20,000

On Agreement : 50% 

On 5th Floor Casting : 10%

On Brickwork : 15 %

On Floorwork : 20%

On Possession : 5 %

Hotline: +91 93556 56656
WhatsApp: +91 93556 56656